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Rick Altizer

Go Nova

Go Nova

UPC: 634387382123

Format: CD

Release Date: Dec 28, 2004

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A virtual carbon copy of Neon Fixation, Go Nova finds Rick Altizer in a bit of a holding pattern. Like on the previous record, there's a jangly guitar rocker with strings ("Resurrection"), a new wavey song about fame and fortune gained from religion ("CM Superstar"), and a bunch of pleasant pop/rock filler. The first three of Altizer's records all sound more or less the same, which can be a good thing for anyone who likes one of them, and a bad thing for those looking for growth. But then again, these three records were released in the span of two years -- extremely fast for the music business in the late '90s -- so the case could be made that all three were recorded at the same evolutionary point in Altizer's career. At least he has grown in some ways -- his lyrics are far less awkward this time around, and, like on Neon Fixation, he manages to write several memorable tunes. [Three songs were also later included on Altizer's 2001 compilation (All Tie Zer) on secular power pop label Not Lame Records.] ~ Jason Damas


1 - Resurrection
2 - Trash Can Darling
3 - Gold Coast
4 - CM Superstar
5 - Love to You
6 - I Don't Deserve You
7 - I Love You #19
8 - Last Day of Summer
9 - Tape Gun Baby
10 - Risen