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Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson

UPC: 5099964735122

Format: CD

Release Date: Jul 13, 2010

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Editor: Bryan Raitt.
Photographer: Micah Kandros.
No longer flying under the radar, contemporary Christian singer/guitarist Josh Wilson released what could almost be considered a best-of collection from his well-received first two discs. The re-release includes an almost-even split of tracks from his debut Trying to Fit the World in a Cup and 2009's Life Is Not a Snapshot. His first number one "Before the Morning" is included, as are fan favorites like "Sing," "3 Minute Song," and "Let Me Love You." What becomes apparent is the growth that Wilson has already undergone after only a couple of years on Sparrow's famed roster. Not only does his voice glow, but his guitar work also shines with the inclusion of his virtuosic instrumental arrangement of "Amazing Grace." Without any new material, this is not a required release for fans, but it is a great introduction for new listeners. ~ Jared Johnson


1 - Before the Morning
2 - Sing
3 - Savior, Please
4 - 3 Minute Song
5 - Saints
6 - Something's Got to Change
7 - Beautiful Like This
8 - Listen
9 - Let Me Love You
10 - Amazing Grace