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Are You Listening?

Are You Listening?

UPC: 5099962803724

Format: CD (3 disc)

Release Date: Apr 06, 2010

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Photographer: Dave Hill .
Collecting their first three albums in one package, Are You Listening? tracks Emery's progress from a post-hardcore band with melodic Get Up Kids-style emo leanings and the occasional aggressive outburst to an edgier, more dynamic screamo sound. As a collection of albums, it's interesting to have the evolution of a band all in one package, with the three records telling a story where the only logical conclusion is 2009's .In Shallow Seas We Sail. While this is a good buy for anyone missing The Weak's End, The Question, and I'm Only a Man, the absence of any bonus material should see this album flying under the radar of serious fans. If you're looking to see what Emery's formative musical years were like, and you're not concerned with having the liner notes from the original albums (which aren't included in the packaging), then Are You Listening? will surely be a solid buy. ~ Gregory Heaney


Disc 1:
1 - Walls
2 - Ponytail Parades
3 - Disguising Mistakes with Goodbyes
4 - By All Accounts (Today Was a Disaster)
5 - Fractions
6 - Note from Which a Chord Is Built
7 - Bloodless
8 - Under Serious Attack
9 - As Your Voice Fades
10 - Secret
Disc 2:
1 - So Cold I Could See My Breath
2 - Playing with Fire
3 - Returning the Smile You Have Had From the Start
4 - Studying Politics
5 - Left with Alibis and Lying Eyes
6 - Listening to Freddie Mercury
7 - Weakest
8 - Miss Behavin'
9 - In Between 4th and 2nd Street
10 - Terrible Secret
11 - In a Lose, Lose Situation
12 - In a Win, Win Situation
13 - [CD-ROM Track]
Disc 3:
1 - Rock-n-Rule
2 - Party Song
3 - World Away
4 - After the Devil Beats His Wife
5 - Can't Stop the Killer
6 - Story About a Man with a Bad Heart
7 - Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus
8 - What Makes a Man a Man
9 - Movie Song
10 - You Think You're Nickel Slick (But I Got Your Penny Change)
11 - From Crib to Coffin