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Bob Carlisle

Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses

UPC: 9326382000683

Format: CD

Release Date: May 31, 2019

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BUTTERFLY KISSES (SHADES OF GRACE) is a re-ordered and re-packaged version of Carlisle's 1996 album SHADES OF GRACE. It includes an extra, hidden track, a countrified remix of the single "Butterfly Kisses."
Personnel: Bob Carlisle (vocals, guitars, mandolin); Bryan Duncan (vocals); Glenn Pearce (guitars, electric sitar); Dennis Patton, Scott Sheriff (piano, keyboards, organ); Regie Hamm (piano, keyboards, organ, drums); Mark Hill (bass); Linda Elias, Leslie Glassford, Rebecca Palmer (background vocals).
Recorded at High-Pass Productions, Nashville, Tennessee.
"Butterfly Kisses" was nominated for a 1998 Grammy Award for Best Country Song.
There are only so many ideas to go around, or so the theory goes, and every generation creates its own version of the basic themes that have been reiterated again and again in music, art and literature throughout the ages. Thus, Barrett Strong's "Money" turned into Madonna's "Material Girl" and so on. Bob Carlisle, a contemporary Christian singer/songwriter who spent several years with God-rockers the Allies, is the latest artist to carry on this time-tested tradition, by offering up a "Cat's In The Cradle" for the '90s in the title song of BUTTERFLY KISSES.
In "Butterfly Kisses," which has become a favorite for the father-daughter dance at weddings, Carlisle sings about the mixed feelings of nostalgia, happiness and loss that assail him on the eve of his daughter's wedding. Here, as on most of the other tracks, Carlisle adopts a mellow, keyboard-based sound that would have been called "soft rock" in the '70s, but will likely get him thrown in with the "adult contemporary crowd" today. BUTTERFLY KISSES is full of sentimental ballads based on deeply-felt religious convictions and the conflicts that those beliefs can cause.