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Circle of Dust

Circle of Dust

Circle of Dust

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Format: CD

Release Date: Dec 10, 2012

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Circle Of Dust: Scott Albert.
Circle Of Dust: Scott Albert (guitar, vocals).
Additional personnel: Daren Diolosa (guitar), Jason Tilton (drums, percussion).
CIRCLE OF DUST features new recordings of seven of the songs found on the band's 1992 debut, also called CIRCLE OF DUST. There are also four new songs: "Onenemy," "Self Inflict," "Parasite" and "Bed Of Nails."
The debut album from Circle of Dust is a bizarre case that eventually led to a satisfying end. Originally released as a somewhat dull and flat collection of post-Pretty Hate Machine industrial pop, the band was disappointed enough in the results to re-record almost the whole thing and put it back out. The newer album is leaner, tougher, and packed with disorienting samples and chugging guitars. This is a wonderful change from the original, and it reflects the melodic movements in the industrial scene which would become the prevalent style throughout the decade. Ugly songs like "Onenemy" and "Dissolved" are electro-metal steamrollers, blasting through the album with savage intensity that is rarely present in the Christian metal scene. Although the Trent Reznor influence is still felt quite strongly on the material here, Circle of Dust has still carved out a unique place in the industrial underground. Their Slayer-esque riffing, scattered blips and samples, and memorable melodies make for the first truly great album in the small Christian industrial genre. ~ Bradley Torreano