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The Chariot

One Wing

One Wing

UPC: 099923243922

Format: CD

Release Date: Aug 28, 2012

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Personnel: Karl Libatore (trumpet); Matt Goldman (keyboards).
Audio Mixer: Matt Goldman.
Of all the bands that Converge have influenced over the years, the Chariot feel like one of the few that really get it. On their fifth album, One Wing, the Chariot avoid the pitfalls that have caught up many a band, striking just the right balance between technique and raw fury to create a sound that is both emotionally and intellectually satisfying. Too much in one direction and the songs become nothing but a breakdown fest; a nudge in the other direction and the listener is left to solve what is essentially a musical math problem written with downtuned guitars. Some metal fans might be turned off by the Chariot's label as a Christian band, but after suffering through legions of Botch and Converge ripoffs, they might just be pleasantly surprised by what the group has to offer. ~ Gregory Heaney


1 - Forget
2 - Not
3 - Your
4 - First
5 - Love
6 - Speak
7 - In
8 - Tongues
9 - And
10 - Cheek